• best for A2-C2 speakers
  • build a speaking habit
  • boost your confidence


Informal Lessons:

This lesson is for you if you  want to practice your German speaking skills. Language is all about communication. Use it or lose it 😉 I do not provide materials or homework in these kind of lessons but feel free to send me your materials, articles, videos etc. which you want to discuss during the lesson!

This lesson will adapt to your needs. No matter if you want to practice for a Job Interview or if you want to know some Austrian dialect? – let me know!


General Information:

The main document of our lessons is a Google Doc File  in which all corrections, vocabulary and materials will be automatically saved and can be edited and reviewed from your side. If you choose Structured Lessons, please be sure to have access to this file during our lessons, which means that you have to use a PC/laptop or tablet (no phones). I use Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom for our classes. Please read the cancellation rules