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Learning a new language in schools can be challenging and tiring. I see myself as a practical learner, therefore my preferred approach is to learn by practice!

In my opinion language learning is like painting in the sense that you don’t need to know the atomic structure of colors to be able to paint a nice picture. In this same way you don’t need to know all the rules and technical terms to successfully use a language. In my lessons you will actively practice speaking German without worrying to much about the mistakes which will ultimately make it more fun and enjoyable for you.
I have more than 4 years experience in helping German learners like you, speaking German in a better way.


informal / structured
all students A1-C2
  • boost confidence
  • reach fluency
  • 30/45/60 min

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Servus! My name’s Phil and I am a native German speaker from Austria.  I’m a language enthusiast and polyglot.

I’ve created this website to help you boost your German with authentic and interesting content. Check my website weekly for new videos, podcasts, dialogues and articles on a variety of topics related to German language and culture. I’m making this new content available because I want to you to fall in love with the language learning process. If you feel that you need some extra help or guidance along the way, then book an individual lesson with me here: